Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the Dog Art Activity

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The Chinese New Year 2018 will be the start of the Year of the Dog.  Celebrate with this art activity that involves adding Chinese designs to a dog and using one of 4 easy color techniques.  The traceable (or drawable) designs will ensure success.  There are 4 different variations of the lesson to help you differentiate and choose a lesson that works for you and your students.

Your Students Will

  • Add designs to one of the dog drawing pages.
  • Add color using a choice of markers, colored pencils or watercolor.

What You Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (4 pages)
  • Student Instructions (1 page)
  • Chinese Designs (3 pages)
  • Roll & Draw (1 page)
  • Drawing Pages with Dog Outline (2 pages)
  • Print & Go Page (1 page)
  • Coloring Page (1 page)

A total of 13 pages!


  • Art
  • Chinese Culture

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