Expressive Monkey’s drawing pages and art lessons have been used by teachers around the world, earning a 4-star rating with thousands of feedbacks on Teachers Pay Teachers. Expressive Monkey’s drawing pages are designed by an experienced NBCT art teacher, Stacey Peters, with 25 years of teaching experience and a MA in Art Ed.  … Yep, 25 years of teaching elementary art and staying late to create drawing and lesson resources that I can now share with you.  (So you can go home a little earlier :-)

How did this all get started?

When I wanted to show my students how to draw a particular animal or object, I didn’t want to show them just one way.  I found myself drawing a couple of options off to the side of my drawing demonstrations, which evolved into keeping a collection of ideas on large poster sized paper that I could refer to later. (This was before Elmo’s and projectors.) 

But what about the monkey?

One of the first drawing posters was a monkey!  But that’s not what inspired the name.  What really inspired the name Expressive Monkey, was a response to a phrase I heard repeated in art school: “you can teach a monkey to draw”.  What they meant by that is that drawing is just a skill that anyone can learn.  (Yes, even you!)  But what’s really important is to think and express an idea.  What I want to do with Expressive Monkey’s resources is to teach both drawing and thinking.

How Santa’s little helper, helped me too:

Does your child have an elf?  Seeing all the 2nd graders with their elves during indoor recess fascinated me.  Each on was different.  What if students could mix and match all the facial features and clothes to design their own elf.  And what if they could pick a certain good behavior for their elf drawing to watch for , as the elf drawing was hanging on the refrigerator at home.  The students were more than happy to pose their elves for me to sketch.  This is what inspired my first set of drawing pages along with a lesson on using good virtues. My elf drawing pages are available for you to download and there is even a free Elf Roll & Draw available.

Are you ready to set up a drawing area?  Get some ideas from Expressive Monkey.

Which drawing set will you try first?