Spring Drawing Fun

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Easy drawing ideas for Spring that are simple to teach and fun for students.  You'll keep your students learning right up to the end of the year with drawing lessons that integrate math and art.  The finished art projects would also be great for Easter or Mother's Day.

You will get drawing pages for the following subjects:

Roll & Draw (6 pages)
Choice Drawing (6 pages)
Teacher Instruction/Idea (4 pages)
Student Support Pages (4 pages)
Starter Pages (12 pages)

    What You Get:

    Caterpillars & Patterns
    Spring Chicks & Texture
    Dragonflies & Symmetry
    Spring Flowers & Radial Symmetry also Writing
    Kites & Color Theory
    Trees & Similar Lines also Expressive Lines

      >>>>> A total of 32 pages!

      Your Students Will:

      Learn how to create a pattern by drawing a caterpillar.
      Learn how to draw an adorable spring or Easter chick.
      Use symmetry to draw a dragonfly.
      Use radial symmetry when drawing a flower.  They can write on a label to describe how they created a pattern.
      Design a kite and choose a color scheme for the kite.  They can also take a short color scheme quiz.
      Select a style of line to use when drawing a tree.

        You will also get a duplicate lesson that has the British spelling of colour.

        How to draw a tree

        Draw a tree step by step with choices so that you can add your own touch. Create a beautiful tree with different ideas for the branches, leaves, flowers and little critters. You'll see how using similar lines for the branches can give your tree an expressive look.

        How to draw a bird

        Draw a bird step by step with choices so that you can add your own details with different ideas and ideas for the body, eyes, beak, and feet. Add a texture rubbing to finish off your bird.

        how to draw a caterpillar

        Draw a caterpillar step by step with choices so that you can add your own patterns. Create an adorable caterpillar with simple ideas for the head, body patterns, and tail.

        How to draw a Dragonfly

        Draw a dragonfly step by step with choices so that you can make yours unique with different simple ideas for the head, antennae, bodies, and wings.

        How to draw a flower

        Draw a simple flower step by step with choices so that you can add your own patterns. Create a beautiful flower with different ideas for each layer of rings and the stem & leaves.

        How to draw a kite

        Use kite drawing to teach color. With fun but simple ideas for kite design and tails, kids can pick color schemes as a way to practice color theory. 


        Easily download this zipped PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin drawing right away!


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