Pumpkin Face Drawing & Coloring BUNDLE

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These simple but flexible jack-o-lantern coloring  & drawing bundle can also be used for teaching color mixing, writing about feelings.   A great fall activity for before or after Halloween when students need something fun and engaging.  (Students that don't celebrate Halloween could always add color to a plain pumpkin.)  Have fun making jack-o-lanterns using non-traditional colors made by mixing colors, then have students pick out a feeling word that matches the expression of the pumpkin and write about why the pumpkin is feeling that way.

What You Get in the Pumpkin Color and Write:

  • Instructions (3 pages)
  • Color Mixing (2 pages)
  • Color Wheel (1 page)
  • Coloring Pages (12 pages)
  • Pumpkin Feelings (1 page)
  • Drawing Ideas (1 page)
  • Blank Pumpkins (6 pages)

>>>>> This makes a total of 26 pages!

What You Get in the Pumpkin Face Drawing Activity:

  • Instructions (4 pages)
  • Roll & Draw (4 pages)
  • Choice Drawing (4 pages)
  • Print & Go - Finish the drawing with choices included (4 pages)
  • Blank Pumpkins (6 pages)
  • Pumpkin Adjectives (1 page)
  • Labels and Drawing page (2 pages)

>>>>> This makes a total of 25 pages!

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