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 Captivate your students with monster drawing activities from Expressive Monkey.  You will get a special code for a discount at the bottom of this page.

Here are some comments I've received about the Monster Roll & Draw activity and How to Draw Monsters that will give you some ideas on how you can use these resources.  My lessons have earned a 4-star rating after thousands of reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here are a few of the comments:

Lisa C. said:
This was so beyond fantastic! The book fair theme is Monsters so 4th grade played roll-a-monster and created chalk monsters on the sidewalk leading up to the book fair. They LOVED it! Thank you for creating 5 game boards with so many different images. It really is fun and engaging and a keeper for future lessons.
Another buyer said:
This was a fun lesson for the last weeks of school. I used sheet protectors and had several different sheets at each table to provide a variety of ideas. We also put our dice into small plastic boxes with lids to minimize spilling and chasing.
Tina G. said:
I love this Monster Drawing set. It was just what I was looking for to help give my art students an introduction to the texture monsters we're doing. A great resource and very well made.
Melissa L. said:
We did this with our buddy class and the monsters turned out amazing! The PTA even hung them up in our school book fair which has a monster theme.
Another buyer said:
Love these items. As an art educator, sometimes you just have to have some fun and these work great! They work especially well with my elementary art students and my special needs students, although my high schoolers love to do these as well.
Pamela G. said:
I fill in answers to questions underneath the parts and they build monsters depending on their math questions and answers. I use this over and over and they always make the most awesome monsters.
Melissa M. said:
I purchased several of these Roll and Draw games for my art class. The students who finish their work early use them, and I use them for art classes at the end of the year when we are all finished with our projects. These games are fun, very easy to understand, and appealing to the kids. They love them! Thank you!
Holly C. said:
LOVE this! So cute! We use it for a fun activity to do with our grandparents and during indoor recess.
Another buyer said:
I've been able to use this product multiple times this year and my students love it every time. Makes for a great activity for substitutes as well.
Dana M. said:
My students LOVED this! Monster drawings turned out really nice, and they loved writing a story about the monster they created!
Kristen A. said:
My elementary art students LOVE these! They are great as an activity for students who finish early...and also make a great "center" activity at the end of the year!

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